How self-description can be flawed and potentially dangerous to your marriage

Hello folks, greetings to all! Summer begins in this nook of the world, what a joy! I hope you are living joyfully in your own nook of the world whatever the season, and to increase those chances, I’d like to shine a light on how 2 questions can springboard your partner/spouse) relationship from (irrelevant) self-description to true understanding of how your actions affect each other and your bond. Lately I have become keenly aware of how immensely damaging to relationships it can be, when one partner affirms, despite evidence to the contrary, “being” a certain way: “I am reasonable” or, […]

Are you living in a “primitive” marriage?

The "Default Trap" Did you know we had a "reset" button? It just happens to happen that when we are exposed to difficult situations and repeatedly attempt to resolve them but are not skilled to do it, we operate the same way we have designed our computerized world to work: "default to original settings"! To prevent destruction, the system protects itself by resetting itself to its starting point. From a relationship point of view, this would be the reactive action that we take, when we think and feel we don’t have an option: we default to survival mode and act […]

The hidden power of money

Happy 2012 to all! January 31st. The last day of the first month of a year filled with expectations. Without a doubt, what has revealed itself to be right up there on our lists of expectations, is to have some form of job security and the possibility to plan for financial growth and stability, a yearning which has kept us holding our breath for some time now. This unexpected economic shift and its ripple effect has revealed crucial facts in both men and women sharing intimate relationships. I’d love to share with you, key common themes that many couples brought […]

From power struggle to intimacy

Hello folks, if you are anything like me or the many people I come across in my work as a couple’s therapist, you are also looking to live a good life. Time and time again, the ingredient most sought out by humans to live a good life is overall health, passion and intimacy, trumping riches and glamour head’s down. I am thrilled to share a little something that will show you the way to passion and intimacy! Imagine a world, where each couple learns how to reach a level of connection with one another so real, so deep, that every […]