How I help

1 or 2 day Private Couples’ Intensives and/or Workshops can be requested in either English or Spanish.

Relationships are in a constant flow of harmony, disharmony and repair.  Sadly, the repair part of the equation is often missing or skewed. This leads to despair.

When working together, you can expect to learn: 

  • The source of you repetitive losing arguments
  • Skills to having successful, crucial conversations
  • How to live in full-respect living                                                                    
  • How to quickly experience deep, characterological change
  • The minute to minute practice of fierce intimacy
  • How to find meaning and joy in your personal/professional lives
  • How to role model a healthy and rich emotional relational map for you, those around you and the legacy that follows.

For more information, please contact Yamel directly by phone or text at  203 667 1812 or via email :