Hello, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified in Relational Life Therapy and Encountered- couple’s- Centered Therapy (EcC). Also have extensive, active experience, training and certifications in  Emotionally Focused Therapy(EFT), trauma work , Substance Abuse/Gambling Addictions  and co-occurring disorders.

Whether I am working with an individual, a couple or any group of individuals from a family to a corporation, my lens is systemic which means I work with you in relationship to something or someone (s). In my 19+ years of experience I have zeroed in helping couples elevate and transform their relationships, so I am mostly identified as a “couples’ therapist”. 

My work is aimed at leading your  relationships to understand your arguments, identified who’s polluting the relationship, how deep, how often and what motives each has for the both of you or the family.  We look into why you attracted each other, what is the survival knot that gets in the way often , how to breakthrough wounds, how to quickly experience deep characterological change, how to grow in mutual intimacy, how to learn to have real conversations  from your adult selves, how to  live in full respect, how to have meaning and joy in your personal/professional lives and how to role model a healthy and rich emotional relational map for your most beloved  gifts: your children.

When we work together, you will find that the work  is highly collaborative and interactive, drawing on a systemic and relationally therapeutic approach, extracted from first hand training from the person whom revolutionized couples’ therapy: bestselling author and nationally renowned couple’s and family therapist, Terry Real , groundbreaking Neuroscience and 2 decades of acquiring and distilling from key approaches mastered and taught by world-renowned master therapists such as:  Hedy Schleifer, LMHC, Dr. Susan Johnson, Dr. Harvilee and Helen Hendrix , Brenee Brown and  Esther Perel.

My most effective and groundbreaking specialization is in supporting couples through 4 different and  powerful, transformational 2-day Couples- Intensive(s)-Program(s) designed specifically to:

  • Prepare a couple (Premarital)
  • Help a relationship reconnect or wake up a dull existence
  • Heal betrayals or deep wounds
  • Uncouple with dignity and respect.

I have also now added, 1 day intensives ( a more condensed version). I also see couples for longer times, from 90 minutes to 3 hours at a time as we have found in the field of couples’ therapy, that this is a much more effective way to work therapeutically. 

I am  bilingual, so I am honored to be of service to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking individuals and couples. My private practice is located in Stamford, CT. I see clients in office or  online via Zoom, a HIPPA approved virtual platform.  I also travel for intensives, nationally or internationally.

I was born and raised in Uruguay, South America, completed my elementary and high school studies there and at 19 years old,  traveled to the United States where I  completed my undergrad, graduate and post-graduate studies. Having the gift of loving and knowing 2 very different countries well, has helped bring to my practice a wide view of multicultural understanding and human behavior. I have been married now for 24 years, have 3 wonderful human beings as my children, a Whoodle and a brand new grandson whom in addition to siblings, parents, nieces, nephews, cousins, in laws and friends, make up the chaos and the joy of my life.


  • MASTERS in Marriage and Family Therapy /Licensed/ FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY. Fairfield, CT.
  • BACHELOR’S IN ARTS (Concentration in Psychology and Communications) S.U.N.Y Purchase, NY USA
  • Licensed in Substance Abuse
  • Certified in Relational Life Therapy
  • EXTENSIVE Training in Imago and Encountered-Centered-couples-Therapy (ECcT)
  • EXTENSIVE Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • EXTENSIVE Training in Trauma and Co-Occurring disorders
  • CERTIFIED in Problem Gambling
  • AAMFT Approved Clinical Fellow Membership
  • CTAMFT Clinical Member