Why I take sides as a couples’ therapist.

Taking sides in couples’ therapy has historically been seen as a big “no-no”. I’ve learned differently. Siding with nothing ensures no real or lasting change, just a feel-good moment with a very short half-life. A few years ago I met a married heterosexual couple in their 40’s. Upper middle class and with a few minor children in tow, they were both charming and well-liked in their community.  They came in because the husband had told his wife he wouldn’t partake in any more social gatherings with her. She was beside herself because socializing was a big part of their lives. […]

From Disharmony to Harmony; every (happy) couple’s journey.

Hello folks, autumn is in the air in this part of the world, bringing upon bright colors, clear skies, and in our home, an invitation to sit by the fire, talk, laugh, watch football, eat, drink and be merry. That is the fun part. Spoiler alert: In marriage, there are other parts too: closeness brings about disagreements and arguments. It is inevitable; it is part of the deal and peculiarly necessary (arguments lead us to the reason we picked our partners, mastering how to repair them heals us. Don’t worry; arguments, fights (excluding extreme dirty-fighting) and disagreements are not indicative of […]