Individual therapy

“Our separation from each other is an optical illusion”. A. Einstein

Individual therapy is a misnomer, I believe. As a gift to belong to the human species, the Universe gave us and wired us with the task to emotionally connect in order to evolve and mature. We are ALWAYS in relationship to something or someone, even when we feel and/or are the loneliest, we are still in relationship with ourselves and we owe us the chance to experience life, fully and meaningfully. When we feel disconnected from others or ourselves, we ache, so you are more than welcomed to come alone.  (So, yes! I see people individually)

I am working mostly remotely but will consider in-office based on circumstances and if all CDC guidelines are met.

COST: $225/50 minutes.  $270/$60 minutes.  $405/90 minutes/ etc. 

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, check or credit card (3% surcharge for cc payments). I have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Sessions that are cancelled within 48 hours or less, are not charged if rescheduled for the same week.

You can call me or text me at 203 667 1812 or via email at