Couple’s Therapy

What is Couple’s Therapy and what can you expect when working with Yamel?

Couple’s therapy is a tool that when working collaborately you will be able to use to:

  • Address and become aware of the real vs. surface issues that prevent your relationship from experiencing full joy.
  • Become a “team” and make each other the top priority, always.
  • Learn how to develop a strong, safe and passionate bond for years to come.
  • Understand why power struggles form and learn how to dissolve them.
  • Recognize and be awed as you discover why you chose one another to share life together.
  • Identify how and why neuro-biologically you each uniquely and negatively react to specific things your partner does or say (the same fight over and over) and learn how to get unstuck from that cycle to respond instead and get what you both long and need.
  • Heal from a crisis, breach of trust and or disconnection in a way that allows for forgiveness, understanding and connection to come through and grow.
  • Learn how to welcome conflict (inevitable and needed!) and turn it into opportunities for growth and relational maturity.
  • Develop and strengthen communication skills, which will serve to create a unique and exquisite bond between the two of you via meaningful conversations, full embracing of differences, true demonstration of physical and emotional love and freedom to love each other wholly.
  • Discover the power of vulnerability to parent, lead, work and enjoy life from the safety and joy of your sacred bond.
  • Learn how to be transparent in your life and in your relationship(s) to mutually trust and entrust your heart and soul to each other as you honor your own values, and that of your partner’s.
  • Uncouple successfully and respectfully when you need constructive closure.

In essence, couple’s therapy will help you both find a way to or a way back to each other with new learnings, renewed love and the ability to bond, experience and live a loving life-adventure authentically, compassionately and passionately through all of life’s “up’s” and “downs’.

There are 2 ways to experience couple’s therapy with Yamel:

  • On a weekly basis or,
  • Through the 2 days Couple’s Intensives.

Couple’s Intensives and 2 Days Couple’s Workshops are offered locally, nationally and internationally.
Languages: English and Spanish

Yamel offers 4 unique Couple’s Intensives:

  • “WEDDING SOCKS” 2-Day-Intensive: an exciting and vital premarital program that equips couples with the necessary empowering awareness and skills to form and maintain a rich, transparent, trusting, passionate, safe and strong everlasting relationship.
  • “CONNECTION ADVENTURE” 2-Day-Intensive: a powerful program that leads couples to reclaim lost emotional connection and or unwanted distance. Go from power struggle or painful silence to aliveness, intimate connection and new meaning.
  • “HEALING COURAGEOSULY” 2-Day-Intensive: a profound program that serves as an oasis when there is a breach of trust or betrayal. This program helps partners redirect erratic emotions and regain and restore a sense of sanity, which leads partners to uphold what matters most, compassionately and candidly, as the relationship undergoes a transitional phase from deep hurt to healing.
  • “UNCOUPLING SUCCESSFULLY”” 2-Day-Intensive: a supportive and concrete program designed for those partners that have decided to part ways and would like to reach constructive closure and/or commit to co-parenting maturely and thoughtfully as they learn how to say goodbye to their relationship in a respectful, caring, honorable and compassionate way.

A word from Yamel:

Research shows that couples get to therapy about 6 years too late. What that means is that they could stop the descend of disconnection much sooner if one or both would make a move by seeking help, when the first signs of disconnection are felt, and a new perspective is truly needed. Albert Einstein illustrated it masterfully: ‘We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them”.

What if my partner does not want to start therapy?

It happens often that both partners may not be on the same “page” about going to therapy. That is normal. However, you don’t have to wait to start the process, you can start it by yourself. In therapy, you will learn how to approach your partner to invite him/her to join you. Even if she or he doesn’t attend, you will be much better equipped to relate to your partner and create or initiate the steps-to-change needed to elevate your relationship.

In reference to a question I get asked very often about seeing people individually:

I believe Individual therapy is a misnomer. As a gift to belong to the human species, the Universe gave us and wired us with the task to emotionally connect in order to evolve and mature. We are ALWAYS in relationship to something or someone, even when we feel and or are the loneliest, we are still in-relationship with ourselves and we owe us the chance to experience life fully and meaningfully. When we feel disconnected from others or ourselves is when we ache, so even if you come alone, it is because you are searching to find the link back to something or someone. (So, yes! I see people individually)

“Our separation from each other is an optical illusion”. A. Einstein.