My husband and I did a 2-day couple’s intensive with Yamel. We were so angry at one another and so disconnected that we had thought of getting divorced. We didn’t think we could talk to each other for more than 5 minutes without fighting so when we discussed the intensive we were both scared, the thought of 9 hours a day made us want to run for the hills! We couldn’t have been more wrong! During those two days, we cried, we talked and more importantly we learned how to “cross the bridge to each other’s worlds”. It is a tool that is difficult to describe unless you go through it. Yamel has a unique way to help you explore every emotion that arises, and oh boy! it is enlightening! Our relationship was indeed transformed. Towards the end of the second day, we didn’t want to leave, the atmosphere that Yamel creates is of safety, of empowerment and of caring. The biggest gift was how Yamel taught us how to create it ourselves. We will be celebrating our 16th year anniversary this year (Nov. 2014) and for the first time in a long time, we are actually celebrating our love for each other. We are so grateful for her help. I would recommend Yamel to anyone that feels less than amazing.

Brian M and Sue S. New York City

I will summarize my personal experience with Yamel Iglesias as follows: After having two previous experiences with different therapists I left them feeling a survivor. After Yamel, I feel I am finally alive! She is an extraordinary professional as well as a warm and dedicated human being. She will always dwell in my heart, and most probably in yours, as a very dear friend.

Ingrid Rupprecht. Greenwich, CT


Thank you for your help, support and guidance in allowing us to create a healthier relationship.  Your program equipped us with the “tools” and life skills that have allowed us to learn more about each other, our dynamics and how to protect our relational space.

We enrolled in this program with the intent of simply addressing a family concern.  However, what we walked away with was so much more than we could ever imagine.

Our first few sessions were a good warm up, yet, as we reflected on our time together, we both agreed that we should have done the 2 day intensive from the start.  There was so much more to be gained when we dug deep on certain topics without fear of the clock.  Our 1 day session together is something that we will always treasure.

While it may have been difficult at times, we really appreciated how much you listened and challenged us to get to the root of our feelings.  It was amazing to learn about our “inner-child” and just how much of our behaviors, perceptions and interpersonal dynamics were shaped by our childhood experiences.  Its also reassuring to know that we now have the skills to change some of that and create a wonderful life together.

Since completing your program, we got engaged and we’re both very excited about the journey ahead!  

We look forward to talking more with you in the future.

All the best,

Greg and Desiree. Fairfield County.

Yamel helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life.  From the moment I met her, I knew she was unique, and I immediately felt safe and comforted in her presence.  She is a great listener, advisor and one of the most empathetic people I have ever met.  As I navigated through major changes in my life, Yamel was nonjudgmental and compassionate, and offered sensible guidance based upon her incredible experience as a professional and her keen insight as a human being. With her support, I successfully made important changes in my life, worked through some crippling fears, and ultimately achieved healthy outcomes.  I cannot imagine getting through this period of my life without Yamel. I feel more confident and secure with my decisions and my life because of her valuable support.  I have referred her to several friends over the last two years and the reaction is always the same – “I love her! She is amazing! I have never been more comfortable with a therapist.  She is so right for me!”

Forever Grateful. Fairfield County.

I am a 24-year-old addict and alcoholic. I have struggled with my addiction for nine years. I was also recently diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety. I have met with multiple therapists and finally found Yamel.  For the last four years Yamel has been my therapist. Working with Yamel has been a total blessing. Every session I leave with strength and more clarity. Yamel is an action person. She helps me to take action in my life rather than talk about my dreams.  I am constantly instilled with the utmost faith that I will continue to grow and become a person I am proud to me.

Erin Anastos, Fairfield County

Yamel is a consummate therapist and keen empowerer of individuals (both men and women) and couples who wish to move forward in their lives and relationships. In our therapy masters degree program, Yamel was always the one that questioned status quo, and brought fresh new insights and perspectives to the discussion. Working together and partnering on therapeutic projects and programs, I know Yamel to be fully dedicated to developing new programs and services that change for the better how people see themselves, how they form and maintain powerful relationships, and create more satisfying lives. Definitely check out Yamel’s programs and services. You’ll be grateful you did.

Kathy Caprino International Career Success Coach, Author, Speaker, Leadership Trainer & Writer helping women build successful, rewarding careers.

When I first met Yamel I was instantly comfortable. With her warm and gentle approach I felt very much at ease. She creates a safe environment where you are able to be open and honest. Her methods and ways of dissecting behaviors, situations, issues, etc. have helped me understand myself in a way I could never have thought possible. The growth I have experienced since working with her has been astounding. She has helped me find a strength I never knew I had. Yamel has brought out the “Wonder Woman” in me.

Alex D. Fairfield County.

Yamel is genuinely concerned with helping others, has the talent and competence to do just that, and does it with vigorous positive energy.

I am so happy I get to write a testimonial for Yamel. My wife and I flipped for it and I won. When we first met with Yamel I felt our marriage was doomed. There had been an affair and I just couldn’t bear the pain and the anger. I was so confused! My wife begged me to go see a therapist together and although I secretly “knew” there couldn’t be a chance for us, I agreed. I think Yamel was sent to us from heaven, I couldn’t describe it any other way. I call her our “invisible angel”. During the first few sessions, I couldn’t have told you much about her, my mind was in jumbles and I couldn’t have noticed a truck if it was parked in the middle of the room, but what I did remember was that when we were in that room I felt safe and eventually, sane again. Yamel told us during our first session: “your marriage has been in a serious car wreck and it is in need of intensive care”. That visual helped us tremendously; for the first time since I found out about the affair, it wasn’t me against my wife but “us” together to help “it”, our marriage. Our relationship is now “alive”, we did a 1 day intensive and then weekly sessions for 4 months. We learned things about each other that we had no clue about in the 15 years we had been married. Our marriage will always be grateful and our children will reap the benefits forever.

Signed: D and J: “The couple from the city”. Worth the 1 hour drive. Thank you.

I have known Yamel for seven years and she is very professional, reliable, and compassionate. Her positive attitude is one of her biggest assets. It is obvious that her commitment to helping others is her main focus and the encouragement she gives to people is invaluable. I would highly recommend Yamel to my friends and colleagues.

While attending Yamel’s counseling for alcoholism, I became aware of other behaviors that needed to be addressed which contributed to my addiction. I felt very comfortable from the beginning with Yamel and never had a problem being very frank and honest with her. I am convinced today that if not for Yamel’s understanding and direction, I would not be clean and sober for over three years. My life today is so significantly improved.

Bill Bajadek. Fairfield County.

I am a 43-year-old man whom just did not know how to deal with my wife’s requests, normal ones, but I just hated being asked for things and I would stop talking to her and seethe. She was starting to hate me, or so I thought. I just hated myself for it and didn’t know if I had a character flaw or I was just a piece of s…t. Didn’t really care for either option; I really needed help. A friend of mine referred me to Yamel and I went. Long story short, Yamel has an exquisite way to help you see how relationship issues are to be dealt with, well, in relationship, so my wife joined me in therapy. Let me just say, that we quickly discovered that we were doing marriage “blindfolded”. About 12 sessions later, our marriage was “reborn”. I have never been so happy in my life! Our family is a healthy family now and we have an amazing relationship with my wife. Yamel is the kind of therapist that will not let you “off the hook”, but she does it in the most caring and smart way. I know she can’t read minds, but she will help you “see” yourself and your marriage inside out! I really don’t know how she does it, but she is attuned to every move, every word, every gesture every emotion and she will help you grow. We would definitely recommend Yamel to anybody that is serious about improving or saving their relationships.

Michael T and Amy B. Greenwich, CT. Married 14 years and counting.

My wife’s first language is Spanish and mine, English. Although our relationship seemed good at first, our language barriers became evident when arguing. In addition to that, cultural differences we hadn’t accounted for made way into our parenting. Yamel has this uncanny skill to shift languages on a dime while in session and understanding each of our cultures fully, which created much needed space to “really get to know” one another. Our experience in therapy was priceless. We consult with Yamel on an off and in our hearts, she is part of our family.

John C and Jazmine T. Madison, CT